Ane Kurabe

Ane Kurabe

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あねくらべ, 姐姐竞赛, 姐相随

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Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School Life, Seinen

Author: Shinonome Taro

Artist: Shinonome Taro

Created On: 2014

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

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Shun knew what to expect when he became a high school student. As he entered the gates of his new school, four beautiful girls suddenly surround him. These four girls are the same four girls he grew up with since kindergarten. The four girls are Rio the athlete, Miku the cook, Nana the nerd, and Yuri the student president. These four girls will be battling it out between them in order to win the heart of their beloved Shun.

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第Final話 Final - Series End 2 years ago
2Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第12話 12 - raw 2 years ago
3Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第11話 11 - raw 2 years ago
4Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第10話 10 - raw 2 years ago
5Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第09話 09 - raw 2 years ago
6Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第08話 08 - raw 2 years ago
7Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第07話 07 - raw 2 years ago
8Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第05.5話 05.5 - Special 2 years ago
9Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第05話 05 - Season 1 End 2 years ago
10Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第04話 04 - raw 2 years ago
11Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第03話 03 - raw 2 years ago
12Ane-Kurabe Chapter 第02話 02 - raw 2 years ago
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