Angel Voice

Angel Voice

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Alternative Names:

エンジェルボイス , 天使的咆哮

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Comedy , School Life , Shounen , Sports

Author: KOYANO Takao

Artist: KOYANO Takao

Created On: 2007

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

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This school is known for its football club Ranzan, a refuge from the head of the largest departments. To avoid disbanding the club, the manager using the new football coach: Tetsuo Kuroki. He will choose to form teams with the strongest students. And indeed, four of them come to integrate the school. Among them Shingo Narita, a student is turbulent but not a bad person who does not hesitate to fight to defend his colleagues. When he proposed to join the club soccer, a sport he practiced a few years ago, his enthusiasm took over. Through sport, Professor Kuroki will teach them that there are other solutions that come from a single blow.

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