Anoyama Koete

Anoyama Koete

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Alternative Names:

あの山越えて , Ano Yama Koete

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Josei , Slice of Life

Author: YUMEJI Kou

Artist: YUMEJI Kou

Created On: 2002

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Kimiko, a young city-girl wife of a company man, Susumu, was surprised when her husband declared that he wanted to quit his job. He was from a farming family, and he wanted to return to the country and his family's trade. Kimiko and Susumu moved back to his hometown, and he began a life that was much more fulfilling for him. Kimiko began working as a teacher at a local elementary school. She's going to have a hard time becoming accustomed to the new community in which she now lives, but they have each other, though, and they can still build a happy, loving life together!

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