Aruite Ippo!!

Aruite Ippo!!

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Saionji has moved into a boarding house while attending high school – but this boarding house is a dump, and he’s the only male tenant. And, he’s secretly in love with the landlord. But if you think this is a copy of Maison Ikkoku for the high school set… well, maybe it is!

High-schooler Saionji has moved into a boarding house with a really cute young landlord named Sakura, who also attends his school. Though it's really near the school, the place is pretty broken-down and all the other tenants are strange women. They include little Hana, who wears costumes in public, a sloppy, lazy teacher, and his slightly uncivilized schoolmate Akira. Living in the boarding house does not help Saionji's reputation at school, but he has a huge crush on the landlord. Will he be able to handle living with all these bizarre women, and somehow win Sakura's heart?

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