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Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural


The story follows the "strongest juvenile delinquent" as he watches over the demon king's son (AKA the future demon king) with the destruction of the world hanging in the balance.

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# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Beelzebub Chapter 211 - raw3 months ago
2Beelzebub Chapter 210 - raw3 months ago
3Beelzebub Chapter 209 - raw3 months ago
4Beelzebub Chapter 207 - raw3 months ago
5Beelzebub Chapter 206 - raw3 months ago
6Beelzebub Chapter 205 - raw3 months ago
7Beelzebub Chapter 204 - raw3 months ago
8Beelzebub Chapter 203 - raw3 months ago
9Beelzebub Chapter 202 - raw3 months ago
10Beelzebub Chapter 201 - raw3 months ago
11Beelzebub Chapter 200 - raw3 months ago
12Beelzebub Chapter 199 - raw4 months ago
13Beelzebub Chapter 198 - beelzebub raw4 months ago
14Beelzebub Chapter 197 - raw4 months ago
15Beelzebub Chapter 196 - raw4 months ago
16Beelzebub Chapter 195 - raw4 months ago
17Beelzebub Chapter 193 - raw4 months ago
18Beelzebub Chapter 192 - raw4 months ago
19Beelzebub Chapter 185 - raw4 months ago
20Beelzebub Chapter 184 - raw4 months ago
21Beelzebub Chapter 182 - raw4 months ago
22Beelzebub Chapter 181 - Raw4 months ago
23Beelzebub Chapter 180 - raw4 months ago
24Beelzebub Chapter 179 - RAW4 months ago
25Beelzebub Chapter 178 - RAW4 months ago
26Beelzebub Chapter 177 - RAW4 months ago
27Beelzebub Chapter 176 - raw4 months ago
28Beelzebub Chapter 175 - raw4 months ago
29Beelzebub Chapter 174 - raw4 months ago
30Beelzebub Chapter 173 - raw4 months ago
31Beelzebub Chapter 172 - raw4 months ago
32Beelzebub Chapter 170 - RAW4 months ago
33Beelzebub Chapter 164 - RAW4 months ago
34Beelzebub Chapter 163 - Raw4 months ago
35Beelzebub Chapter 162 - raw4 months ago
36Beelzebub Chapter 161 - Raw4 months ago
37Beelzebub Chapter 160 - Raw4 months ago
38Beelzebub Chapter 159 - raw4 months ago
39Beelzebub Chapter 143 - raw4 months ago

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