Chikutaku Bonbon - ちくたくぼんぼん

Chikutaku Bonbon - ちくたくぼんぼん

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Alternative Names:

ちくたくぼんぼん , 時計屋的天然少女 , Tick Tock Dong Dong

Categorize in:

Comedy , Historical , Josei , Romance , Slice of Life

Author: KATSUTA Bun

Artist: KATSUTA Bun

Created On: 2009

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:1640

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Taking her grandfather’s advice, Iwa, who is in Tokyo for work, strives to do good deeds wherever she goes. Whether it be rescuing an injured bat on the sidewalk or helping out a sickly young man, the city is turning out to be a very interesting place.

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