Oukoku no Ko - 王国の子

Oukoku no Ko - 王国の子

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Alternative Names:

王国の子 , 王國之子 , Child of the Kingdom

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Drama , Gender Bender , Historical , Josei , Mystery

Author: Bikke

Artist: Bikke

Created On: 2011

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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One country's cruel custom:leading the life of a stand-in……“. Away from the center of the city in a theater, an actor, a boy called Robert, is asked to become the stand-in of Elisabeth who has the right of succeeding to the throne. “I will definitely survive and come back-“. Is Robert to be swallowed by the things to come as the wheel of fortune starts to spin? Deceit, traps, hatred. The long-awaited 1st volume that portrays human relationships tainted with greed.

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