°C Rikei - ℃りけい。

°C Rikei -  ℃りけい。

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Alternative Names:

どりけい , ℃りけい。, Degrees Celsius Rikei , Dorikei

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Seinen , Comedy , School Life

Author: AOKI Juntarou

Artist: Wadapen

Created On: 2010

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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The physics club is down to three girls so they really need to get some club members out of the new students. But when it comes to thinking of a demo of their club activities, no one really has any ideas of what would attract people. The eccentric club president Tonoe decides on a demonstration of soldering, which appears to be a spectacular failure. However, soon they are welcoming two new club members to their little cluttered clubroom! Join the club as they face the new year together.

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