Fukafuka Houkago Pan Kurabu - ふかふか放課後パンくらぶ

Fukafuka Houkago Pan Kurabu - ふかふか放課後パンくらぶ

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Alternative Names:

ふかふか放課後パンくらぶ , Fuka Fuka Houkago Pan Club , Fukafuka Houkago Pan Club

Author: AIDA Pan

Artist: AIDA Pan

Created On: 2015

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:2250

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Tetsuko is a high school girl who really likes different kinds of bread, and knows how to enjoy them. Others boys and girls follow her lead and discover new ways to enjoy bread. This is a story for anyone who is into Japanese-style breads, and it will probably make you want to eat some!

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Fuka-Fuka-Houkago-Pan-Club Chapter 第010話 010 - RAW 1 year ago
2Fuka-Fuka-Houkago-Pan-Club Chapter 第009話 009 - RAW 1 year ago
3Fuka-Fuka-Houkago-Pan-Club Chapter 第008話 008 - RAW 1 year ago
4Fuka-Fuka-Houkago-Pan-Club Chapter 第007話 007 - RAW 1 year ago
5Fuka-Fuka-Houkago-Pan-Club Chapter 第006話 006 - RAW 1 year ago
6Fuka-Fuka-Houkago-Pan-Club Chapter 第005話 005 - RAW 1 year ago
7Fuka-Fuka-Houkago-Pan-Club Chapter 第004話 004 - RAW 1 year ago
8Fuka-Fuka-Houkago-Pan-Club Chapter 第003話 003 - RAW 1 year ago
9Fuka-Fuka-Houkago-Pan-Club Chapter 第002話 002 - RAW 1 year ago
10Fuka-Fuka-Houkago-Pan-Club Chapter 第001話 001 - RAW 1 year ago
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