Gaccha Gacha

Gaccha Gacha

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Alternative Names:

ガッチャガチャ, 锵!锵!锵! , Cô Nàng Vụng Về , Gatcha Gacha , Love Me or Not

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Comedy , Drama , Romance , Shoujo

Author: TACHIBANA Yutaka

Artist: TACHIBANA Yutaka

Created On: 2002

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

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Yuri Muroi's gone through quite a number of relationships and has that kind of reputation. She strikes up a friendship with a beautiful tomboy girl, Motoko, who helps little Yuri in times of need (aka bullying). Now Yuri has set her eyes on a sempai--Yabe. However, playboy Yabe seems to have been after Motoko for quite a while and will have no other. Yuri might have to taste the same medicine she gave another friend a while ago--a choice between love and friendship. Meanwhile, Motoko displays no interest in Yabe, but might secretly like him. As Yuri is drawn into a friendship with Yabe, Motoko, and Hirao, she begins to learn the horrible truth between Yabe, Motoko, and her dead sister Kanako and a terrible past that will never be fixed.
Muroi has a suitor of her own: Sho Hirao, the student body president. Hirao is clumsy and tactless around girls. He is in love with Yuri, because she, unlike other girls, claims to be "thick-skinned" and smiles through anything, even if she has to take a beating for it, and even if she is vulnerable inside.

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