Gakkou Gurashi!

Gakkou Gurashi!

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がっこうぐらし!, 学园孤岛, School-Live!

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Horror, School Life, Seinen, Slice Of Life

Created On: 2012

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Takeya Yuki is in love with the school. For her, it's a wonderful place, where she enjoys her school activities, especially the activities of her club: School Life Club. The club has Rii-chan as the president, Kurumi-chan as another member, and the teacher, Megu-nee, always there for them. Yes, she is in love with her school... on her mind. Because, for her, the reality of the school and their club's activities is way too hard to be perceived...

From Batoto: Three high school girls and a teacher are camping at school.

The First Article of the "School Life Club" Code reads:

The School Life Club encourages a spirit of self-governing independence by camping at school, as well as socializing with various after-school clubs, which you can't enjoy from regular classes alone."

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1Gakkou Gurashi! Chapter 第24話 24 - raw 3 years ago
2Gakkou Gurashi! Chapter 第23話 23 - Raw 3 years ago
3Gakkou Gurashi! Chapter 第22話 22 - Raw 3 years ago
4Gakkou Gurashi! Chapter 第21話 21 - Raw 3 years ago
5Gakkou Gurashi! Chapter 第20話 20 - raw 3 years ago
6Gakkou Gurashi! Chapter 第19話 19 - Raw 3 years ago
7Gakkou Gurashi! Chapter 第17話 17 - Raw 3 years ago
8Gakkou Gurashi! Chapter 第16話 16 - raw 3 years ago
9Gakkou Gurashi! Chapter 第15話 15 - raw 3 years ago
10Gakkou Gurashi! Chapter 第14話 14 - Raw 3 years ago
11Gakkou Gurashi! Chapter 第13話 13 - Raw 3 years ago
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