Gokudou no Shokutaku

Gokudou no Shokutaku

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Alternative Names:

極道の食卓 , Gokudō no Shokutaku , Yakuza's Dining Table

Author: TACHIHARA Ayumi

Artist: TACHIHARA Ayumi

Created On: 2006

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:1053

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Recently divorced Kuji Raizo is the head of a yakuza organization and is involved with illegal businesses on a daily basis. But being single at the age of 55, he has to cook for himself and being the foodie that he is, just any kind of dish will not do. On top of that, Raizo starts attending night school with people half his age, with no idea that he is a leader of the feared yakuza. He has to keep this a secret from his much younger classmates all the while managing dangerous men capable of highly illegal activities.

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