Hoshi no Witch - 星のウイッチ

Hoshi no Witch - 星のウイッチ

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Alternative Names:

外星來的魔女 , 星のウイッチ, Hành tinh phù thủy, Hoshi no Witch: The Witch in the Artemis, The Witch of Artemis

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Fantasy , Shounen

Author: HARA Yui

Artist: HARA Yui

Created On: 2006

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:2471

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As a child, Kazuki’s head was filled with the stories his dad told him of another planet called Artemis. Even now that he’s older and his dad has passed away, Kazuki refuses to stop believing. All he wants to do is visit Artemis, and a surprising chain of events may just give him his chance! Now Kazuki begins a quest to learn about the new world he finds himself in and the strange people he meets.

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