Hyoukyuuhime - Tokiwagi Kantoku no Kajou na Aijou - 氷球姫 常磐木監督の過剰な愛情

Hyoukyuuhime - Tokiwagi Kantoku no Kajou na Aijou - 氷球姫 常磐木監督の過剰な愛情

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Alternative Names:

氷球姫 常磐木監督の過剰な愛情 , The Structure of "Ice Hockey Princess"

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Shounen , Sports

Author: ONO Haruka

Artist: ONO Haruka

Created On: 2013

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:4055

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The creepy stalker Tokiwagi Taimatsu has always been obsessed with athletic girls. He finds them very attractive while they're practicing their sports, but he also feels an intense need to support and guide them. However, he has no athletic talent of his own. Now he is attending an all-boys' high school, and his focus has turned to the neighboring all-girls' school.

His latest target is Soubi Kureha, the lovely captain of her high school's ice hockey club. She is very dedicated to her sport, and aims to take on the world. Tokiwagi has studied and stalked enough that he feels certain he could help her toward her goal, if he were allowed to supervise the team. At first, the girls reject him completely. When he proves that he might actually be able to help, though, it looks like his dream of fighting alongside Kureha's hockey team might come true!

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第FINAL話 FINAL - SERIES END 1 year ago
2Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第66話 66 - Raw 1 year ago
3Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第65話 65 - Raw 1 year ago
4Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第64話 64 - Raw 1 year ago
5Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第63話 63 - Raw 1 year ago
6Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第62話 62 - Raw 1 year ago
7Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第61話 61 - Raw 1 year ago
8Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第60話 60 - Raw 1 year ago
9Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第59話 59 - Raw 1 year ago
10Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第58話 58 - Raw 1 year ago
11Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第57話 57 - Raw 1 year ago
12Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第56話 56 - Raw 1 year ago
13Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第55話 55 - Raw 1 year ago
14Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第53話 53 - Raw 1 year ago
15Hyoukyuu-Hime-Tokiwagi-Kantoku-no-Kajou-na-Aijou Chapter 第52話 52 - Raw 1 year ago
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