Iburigurashi - いぶり暮らし

Iburigurashi - いぶり暮らし

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Alternative Names:

いぶり暮らし , Iburi Gurashi , Iburi-Gurashi : I Bu Ri Gu Ra Shi

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Seinen , Cooking

Author: OOSHIMA Chiharu

Artist: OOSHIMA Chiharu

Created On: 2014

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Meguru and Yoriko have been living together for almost three years now.

Once a week on Sundays, the only days both of them are free from work, they enjoy cooking delicious smoked food. Smoked dumplings, smoked beefsteaks, smoked cookies or smoked chicken - waiting for the stuff to get nice and smoky, they relax, drink beer and have nice conversations.

"Iburigurashi" is a gourmet manga for smoked food aficionados.

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