Nai Hanayome - イケない花嫁

Nai Hanayome - イケない花嫁

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イケない花嫁 (FUKAMI Sakana) , 惚れない花嫁 -- [ない嫁] シリーズ -- Bride You Don't Love , Horenai Hanayome , Ikenai Hanayome (FUKAMI Sakana)

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Comedy , Josei , Romance , Slice of Life

Author: FUKAMI Sakana

Artist: FUKAMI Sakana

Created On: 2014

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:3621

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Newly-ditched Nozomi awakens from an alcohol binge with a hangover?and Mishima, the office?s Most Wanted Ice Man, beside her. Nozomi wants to forget everything that transpired and tells Section Chief Mishima as much, so...

How come Nozomi ends up engaged (living together even) to Mishima?

In the Nai Hanayome series:

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