Jinja no Susume - 神社のススメ

Jinja no Susume - 神社のススメ

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Alternative Names:

神社のススメ , Jinjya no Susume

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Comedy , Drama , Romance , Seinen , Slice of Life

Author: TANAKA Yuki

Artist: TANAKA Yuki

Created On: 2014

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

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A peek at the life at a Shinto shrine (or jinja). Mostly centered around one Satomi Shinjirou, who's more or less forced to choose the path to priesthood after his older brother skipped out on that. Kind of a love story (there are several of those in it, actually), but it's more about the people who work at a modern-day shrine and the circumstances they have to deal with.

It's even somewhat educational at times. But don't tell anyone.

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