Junai Junkies

Junai Junkies

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Alternative Names:

純愛ジャンキー (葉月京) , Jun-ai Junkies , PLATONIC LOVE JUNKIES , Pure Love Junkies

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Adult , Harem , Romance , Seinen

Author: HATSUKI Kyo

Artist: HATSUKI Kyo

Created On: 2014

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:12237

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Eiraku Juntaro is a new hire at the Young Challengers weekly magazine publishing house. Young Challengers publishes photos of cute gravure models. Juntaro would like to find pure love, but he unfortunately has a "lucky dick," which grants good fortune to the people he has sex with. When his secret is known, women pursue him not for love, but for the luck he can give them. He encounters girls with various problems, like the gravure model whose career seems limited by her B-cup breasts, and the cabaret girl who dreams of breaking into the entertainment world.

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