Kami-Sama Drop

Kami-Sama Drop

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かみさまドロップ, 神落, God Has Fallen, Kamisama Drop

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Comedy , Ecchi , Harem , Romance , School Life , Shounen , Supernatural

Author: Minamoto Yuu

Artist: Minamoto Yuu

Created On: 2012

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:43634

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17 year old Nowaki Asunaro has been forsaken by fortune since his birth. Every step he takes, bad luck awaits, whether it takes the shape of a falling bucket of water on his head or being blamed for crimes he never committed. Even for an exceptionally unlucky fellow like him, he still hopes to become friends with the love of his life: Hashihime Banri. The only problem lies in the fact that every time he almost gets close to her, his lack of luck blocks the way.

On one typical day for him, filled with unfortunate accidents, he ends up having to protect himself from the rain in a forsaken and dilapidated temple. He becomes feverish from cold and hunger, but in desperation, he prays to the gods that he survive this day and become friends with Banri. Lo and behold, it seems like he accidentally summoned a God(?). Will this accident bring him the luck he never had?

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第24話 24 - raw 2 years ago
2Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第23話 23 - raw 2 years ago
3Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第19話 19 - raw 2 years ago
4Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第18話 18 - raw 2 years ago
5Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第17話 17 - Raw 3 years ago
6Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第16話 16 - raw 3 years ago
7Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第15話 15 - Raw 3 years ago
8Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第14話 14 - Raw 3 years ago
9Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第13話 13 - Raw 3 years ago
10Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第12話 12 - Raw 3 years ago
11Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第11話 11 - Raw 3 years ago
12Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第09話 09 - Raw 3 years ago
13Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第08話 08 - Raw 3 years ago
14Kamisama-Drop Chapter 第07話 07 - Raw 3 years ago
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