Kimi dake o Mitsumeteru - 君だけをみつめてる

Kimi dake o Mitsumeteru - 君だけをみつめてる

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君だけをみつめてる , Kimi dake wo Mitsumeteru

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Author: NANASE Ayumu

Artist: NANASE Ayumu

Created On: 1996

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:1664

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Shirou Katori graduated high school with a film project that wound up being an award winner, but when he got to college instead of joining the film club he followed a pretty girl who wanted to run track and field and would up joining her instead. When he asks her out on a date she says yes, but she’s got some complicated issues of her own – and maybe she’s the perfect actress that he needs to return to film!

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