Kimi to Kami Hikoki to. Meguri

Kimi to Kami Hikoki to. Meguri

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Alternative Names:

君と紙ヒコーキと。回, Kimi to Kami Hikōki to Meguri, Kimi to Kami Hikoki to Meguri

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Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Slice Of Life

Author: Hazuki Matcha

Artist: Katagiri Atari

Created On: 2014

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:4826

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This is a regular and alternate take on Kimi to Kami Hikoki to. featuring the high-school kid Kei, and his childhood friend Rin, who loves paper airplanes. Kei seems to like Rin, though he's somewhat oblivious to his own feelings. With the addition of Rin's classmate Ryuusuke, who shares her love of paper airplanes, and another new character, Aoi, Kei's emotions become more and more complicated. Apparently feelings, like paper airplanes, don't fly straight.

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Kimi-to-Kami-Hikoki-to-Meguri Chapter 第09話 09 - RAW 3 years ago
2Kimi-to-Kami-Hikoki-to-Meguri Chapter 第08話 08 - RAW 3 years ago
3Kimi-to-Kami-Hikoki-to-Meguri Chapter 第07話 07 - RAW 3 years ago
4Kimi-to-Kami-Hikoki-to-Meguri Chapter 第06話 06 - RAW 3 years ago
5Kimi-to-Kami-Hikoki-to-Meguri Chapter 第05話 05 - RAW 3 years ago
6Kimi-to-Kami-Hikoki-to-Meguri Chapter 第04話 04 - RAW 3 years ago
7Kimi-to-Kami-Hikoki-to-Meguri Chapter 第03話 03 - RAW 3 years ago
8Kimi-to-Kami-Hikoki-to-Meguri Chapter 第02話 02 - RAW 3 years ago
9Kimi-to-Kami-Hikoki-to-Meguri Chapter 第01話 01 - raw 3 years ago
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