Kounodori - コウノドリ

Kounodori - コウノドリ

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Alternative Names:

コウノドリ , Kou no Dori , Kounodori - The Stork

Categorize in:

Drama , Psychological , Seinen , Slice of Life

Author: SUZUNOKI Yuu

Artist: SUZUNOKI Yuu

Created On: 2012

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:6705

Rank:1060th Bookmark: Bookmark


Pregnancy is not a disease, so insurance does not apply. Obstetric treatments do not treat injuries or illnesses, so an obstetrician is not normally needed during the birth of a child. Still, obstetricians are needed because anything can go wrong during a pregnancy. A mysterious pianist at night, obstetrician Kounotori Sakura faces the many challenges and drama that come with giving birth to another human being.

Note: Nominated for the 39th Annual Kodansha Manga Awards in 2015.

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