Let's Lagoon - レッツ☆ラグーン

Let's Lagoon - レッツ☆ラグーン

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Alternative Names:

レッツ ラグーン, レッツ☆ラグーン, Rettsu Ragoon, Rettsu Lagoon , Let's Lagoon

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Drama, Ecchi, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Seinen

Author: Okazaki Takeshi

Artist: Okazaki Takeshi

Created On: 2009

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:34420

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Yamada is stranded on an island without any ships passing by who isn't sure why he's there because he can't really recall, so after finding his sports bag, he assumes he was on a school trip. With only 7 days of food, he eventually decides to make a boat to leave the island. He thought he was alone on the island until a girl named Imaise Chika was found eating his food, where they then decide to continue making a boat. Since the boat only had room for one, Yamada decided to set off for help, but returned upon noticing that not only did Imaise put her rations in his bag, they were mostly untouched as well. After returning, he noticed she made the oar out of a fishing lance and he decides they can live on the island longer.

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第56話 56 - Raw New!5 hours ago
2Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第55話 55 - Raw 1 month ago
3Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第54話 54 - Raw 2 months ago
4Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第53話 53 - Raw 3 months ago
5Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第52話 52 - Raw 4 months ago
6Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第51話 51 - Raw 6 months ago
7Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第50話 50 - Raw 8 months ago
8Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第49話 49 - Raw 8 months ago
9Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第48話 48 - Raw 8 months ago
10Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第47話 47 - Raw 8 months ago
11Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第46話 46 - Raw 8 months ago
12Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第45話 45 - Raw 8 months ago
13Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第44話 44 - Raw 8 months ago
14Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第43話 43 - Raw 1 year ago
15Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第42話 42 - Raw 1 year ago
16Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第41話 41 - Raw 2 years ago
17Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第40話 40 - Raw 2 years ago
18Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第39話 39 - Raw 2 years ago
19Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第38話 38 - Raw 2 years ago
20Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第37話 37 - Raw 2 years ago
21Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第29話 29 - Raw 3 years ago
22Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第28話 28 - Raw 2 years ago
23Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第27話 27 - Raw 2 years ago
24Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第26話 26 - Raw 2 years ago
25Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第25話 25 - Raw 2 years ago
26Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第24話 24 - Raw 2 years ago
27Lets-Lagoon Chapter 第23話 23 - Raw 2 years ago
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