Love Junkies

Love Junkies

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恋愛ジャンキー, 恋爱达令, 벙개벙개, Ren-ai Junkies

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Adult, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Mature, Romance, Seinen, Smut

Created On: 1999

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

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Eitaro is hooked to the erotic chats... Someone steals Sakuko's lingerie... Ai is determined to lose her virginity... Everybody is hooked on love... or is it to sex?!

An excellent ongoing erotic manga by Kyo Hatsuki following the trials and sexual triumphs of the main character. The story travels from - "Will he ever get laid?" to - "Will he ever get a steady girlfriend?" to - "Will he ever learn to keep it in his pants?!" A fun read with a humorous story.

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_26話 VOLUME 26 - CHAPTERS 212 TO 220 + FINAL CHAPTER CATCH ME 3 years ago
2Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_25話 VOLUME 25 - Chapters 202 To 211 3 years ago
3Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_12話 VOLUME 12 - Chapters 89 To 96 + EXTRA 3 years ago
4Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_11話 VOLUME 11 - Chapters 81 To 88 + special 3 years ago
5Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_10話 VOLUME 10 - CHAPTER 73 TO 80 3 years ago
6Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_024話 VOLUME 024 3 years ago
7Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_023話 VOLUME 023 3 years ago
8Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_022話 VOLUME 022 3 years ago
9Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_021話 VOLUME 021 3 years ago
10Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_020話 VOLUME 020 3 years ago
11Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_019話 VOLUME 019 3 years ago
12Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_018話 VOLUME 018 3 years ago
13Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_017話 VOLUME 017 3 years ago
14Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_016話 VOLUME 016 3 years ago
15Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_015話 VOLUME 015 3 years ago
16Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_014話 VOLUME 014 3 years ago
17Love Junkies Chapter 第VOLUME_013話 VOLUME 013 3 years ago
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