Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell

Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell

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魔法少女プリティ☆ベル , 魔法少女普莉堤☆貝兒 , 魔法少女Pretty Bell , 마법소녀 프리티 벨 , Magical Girl Pretty Bell , Mahou Shoujo Pretty☆Bell

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Adult , Action , Comedy , Ecchi , Fantasy , Gender Bender , Mature , Shounen , Supernatural , Yuri

Author: KAKERU

Artist: KAKERU

Created On: 2009

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:17972

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Magical rod "ryin rod" has been awakened. When the compatible user "magical girl pretty bell" appears, it always says that the world will be at risk. Milk and Cocoa are angels who protect the rod and support magical girl pretty bell, They have come to the town where a compatible user, Misaki Eri lives, while being attacked by an enermy. However the rod didn't point to Eri but pointed to a body building neighbor, Takada Atsushi. why did the rod pick Atsushi instead of Eri? and why there are two compatible users?

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第VOLUME_013話 VOLUME 013 2 years ago
2Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第VOLUME_012話 VOLUME 012 2 years ago
3Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第VOLUME_011話 VOLUME 011 2 years ago
4Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第71話 71 - raw 2 years ago
5Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第70話 70 - raw 2 years ago
6Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第69話 69 - raw 2 years ago
7Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第68話 68 - raw 2 years ago
8Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第67話 67 - raw 2 years ago
9Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第66話 66 - raw 2 years ago
10Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第65話 65 - raw 2 years ago
11Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第64話 64 - raw 2 years ago
12Magical-Girl-Pretty-Bell Chapter 第63話 63 - raw 2 years ago
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