Maihime - Diva - 舞姫~ディーヴァ~

Maihime - Diva - 舞姫~ディーヴァ~

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Alternative Names:

舞姫 ディーヴァ , 舞姫~ディーヴァ~

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Ecchi , Mature , Romance , Seinen

Author: KURASHINA Ryou

Created On: 2006

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

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The main character's father used to own a whole chain of hostess clubs, but his company was eventually bought out (hostile take-over) by an IT company. Upon learning the news of his company being taken over and being heavily in debt, the father had a stroke and died. This left the main character homeless and almost penniless. She decides to work at the hostess club called Diva and rise to the top to avenge her father by taking back all her father's stores. Also, their hostess clubs have shows where only the top 7~8 girls dance.

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