Marinko Yumi

Marinko Yumi

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Alternative Names:

まりんこゆみ , Marine Corps Yumi

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4-Koma , Comedy , Shounen

Author: NOGAMI Takeshi

Artist: NOGAMI Takeshi

Created On: 2012

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Nagumo Yumi is an idiotic high school girl, whose post-graduation plan is to go to the US and become president. To her high school friends' amazement, she actually manages to make it to the US during summer vacation. After befriending some elderly veterans, she becomes convinced that joining the Marine Corps is the best way to move her dream forward. The waitress Linda Crawford joins her to sign up at the recruitment center, and she also meets friends among the new recruits, Rita Fernandez and Donna King. Will they have what it takes to become a Marine?

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