Midori no Makibaoh - みどりのマキバオー

Midori no Makibaoh - みどりのマキバオー

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Alternative Names:

みどりのマキバオー , Midori no Makibaoo

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Comedy , Drama , Shounen , Sports



Created On: 1994

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Midori Makibaoh is a small white racehorse. Compared to other thoroughbred horses, he looks more like a donkey with wide nostrils. However, with his guts and speed as his weapon, Makibaoh wins in every big race. In the beginning of his career, Makibaoh had a trouble making his debut as a racehorse, because of his appearance and various disadvantages he had. But Makibaoh had reasons to overcome his difficulties; there was a lifelong rival horse called Superhorse Cascade, that Makibaoh needed to defeat. Plus, he was determined to win back his mother, a horse that had been taken away for pay back the debt on the farm. There are many hardships that Makibaoh has to overcome, but he thrives in the series of races to become a great racehorse.

Midori no Makibaoh won the Sogakukan Manga Award for children's manga in 1997.

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