Mimitsuki - ミミツキ

Mimitsuki - ミミツキ

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ミミツキ , 兽耳系家族 , รักวุ่นๆของคนต่างพันธุ์ , Mimi Tsuki , Mimi-Tsuki

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Fantasy , Seinen

Author: AIKAWA Yu

Artist: AIKAWA Yu

Created On: 2009

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:3124

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One day then your typical good-for-nothing high-school student - Shizumori Shimataro - was brought to family meeting by his brother and sister in "no time to explain get into the car" manner, he learns two things which will change his life. First is the reason of why all his relatives have extremely good sense for things. And second what he is now in charge of recently dead uncle's antique store. When Shima get the girl? Well, right after his brother says him what it is most difficult family duty he just inherited.

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