Miss Monochrome - Motto Challenge

Miss Monochrome - Motto Challenge

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Miss Monochrome is an android aspiring to become an idol. She had been an admirer of Kikuko and naively thinks that by becoming a famous idol herself, she could meet Kikuko someday. Miss Monochrome aspires to become a popular idol like Kikuko and asks her caretaker Mana to be her manager. Monochrome pays Mana 19.3 billion yen to be her manager, but Mana runs away with the money leaving Monochrome homeless. Monochrome runs into Maneo, who she makes as her manager not knowing that he is the manager of a convenience store.

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Miss-Monochrome-Motto-Challenge Chapter 第07話 07 - IDOLA FINAL 3 years ago
2Miss-Monochrome-Motto-Challenge Chapter 第06話 06 - LYRIC 3 years ago
3Miss-Monochrome-Motto-Challenge Chapter 第05話 05 - DREAM 3 years ago
4Miss-Monochrome-Motto-Challenge Chapter 第04話 04 - BELIEF 3 years ago
5Miss-Monochrome-Motto-Challenge Chapter 第03話 03 - FAMILY 3 years ago
6Miss-Monochrome-Motto-Challenge Chapter 第02話 02 - RAW 3 years ago
7Miss-Monochrome-Motto-Challenge Chapter 第01話 01 - TITANIC 3 years ago
8Miss-Monochrome-Motto-Challenge Chapter 第00話 00 - START 3 years ago
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