Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome

Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome

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文句の付けようがないラブコメ, Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Love Come, Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Love Comedy

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Fantasy, Romance, Slice Of Life

Author: Suzuki Daisuke

Artist: Abara Heiki

Created On: 2014

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:17600

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Kanaruzawa Sekai, "The God Who Lived A Thousand Years", is a beautiful girl with silver hair and red eyes. She's pompous and does not know much about her surroundings, and despite her childish appearance, she can tolerate alcohol and tobacco, and spends her day in her mansion reading books.
Offered to her as a "living sacrifice" is high school student Kirishima Yuuki. As he was told she'd grant him one thing in exchange of being the sacrifice, Kirishima said: "Kanaruzawa Sekai-san, marry me."
And so, they start to live their life together---but their days without peace nor love became disrupted, as the world began to be disordered due to a terrifying secret concerning the whole world.
A comedically pure love, and a never-ending story begins here!
The comicalization of the light novel "Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Love Comedy" starting right away!

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第26話 26 - Raw 6 months ago
2Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第23話 23 - RAW 11 months ago
3Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第22話 22 - RAW 11 months ago
4Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第21話 21 - RAW 11 months ago
5Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第20話 20 - RAW 11 months ago
6Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第19話 19 - RAW 11 months ago
7Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第18話 18 - RAW 11 months ago
8Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第17話 17 - RAW 11 months ago
9Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第16話 16 - RAW 11 months ago
10Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第15話 15 - RAW 2 years ago
11Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第14話 14 - RAW 2 years ago
12Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第13話 13 - RAW 2 years ago
13Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第12話 12 - RAW 2 years ago
14Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第11話 11 - RAW 2 years ago
15Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第10話 10 - RAW 2 years ago
16Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第09話 09 - RAW 2 years ago
17Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第08話 08 - RAW 2 years ago
18Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第07話 07 - RAW 2 years ago
19Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第06話 06 - RAW 2 years ago
20Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第05話 05 - RAW 2 years ago
21Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第04話 04 - RAW 2 years ago
22Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第03話 03 - RAW 2 years ago
23Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第02話 02 - RAW 2 years ago
24Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第01話 01 - RAW 2 years ago
25Monku-no-Tsukeyou-ga-Nai-Love-Comedy Chapter 第00話 00 - START 2 years ago
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