Mononofu - ものの歩

Mononofu - ものの歩

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Alternative Names:

ものの歩, Mononobu, Mono no fu

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Shounen, Sports

Author: Ikezawa Haruto

Artist: Ikezawa Haruto

Created On: 2016

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Awkward Takara Shinobu has always been rejected for being incompetent, a “dunce”. No matter how hard he tries – with studies or with people – he always fails. And now he’s stuck going to a back-up high school far from home.

Due to a miscommunication, he winds up living in a share-house dedicated to training shougi pros. Introduced to the world of shougi, Shinobu has finally made a connection with people who understand and accept him. However…now he wants to go pro too!?

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1Mononofu Chapter 第24話 24 - RAW 1 year ago
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