Nude Fighter Yuzuki

Nude Fighter Yuzuki

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ヌードファイター柚希 裸拳使柚希 Nude-Fighter Yuzuki

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Action Ecchi Martial Arts Mature Romance School Life Seinen

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Asou Yuzuki, a female high-school student who just wants to live a life of being able to love just like any other girl. However, there is a reason why this girl's wish will never be granted. The reason is that Yuzuki is in control of the family that uses the Naked Fist, a surprise art of self-defense where the more you strip, the stronger you become. Moreover, she's the only daughter of the Asou Family with the family lineage that has this history! Aiming to take the seat for the head of the entire family, one by one, assassins that use the Naked Fist continue to approach her! Reckless fighting with reckless stripping! Having tons of problems in store and being filled with tons of dramatic events, Asou Yuzuki's high school life begins!

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