Reizouko Tantei

Reizouko Tantei

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Alternative Names:

冷蔵庫探偵 , Fridge Detective , Icebox Sleuth , Profiling of Fridge , Refrigerator Investigator , Reizōko Tantei

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Mystery , Seinen

Author: ENDOU Saemi

Artist: SATOU Izumi

Created On: 2010

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:2928

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Reiko can look into anyone's fridge, and read lots of information about the owner in its contents. She works as a caterer, giving her plenty of opportunities to peek into the fridges of others.

Currently, she has an "assistant," who is actually a detective that wants to learn about her impressive skill. He goes with Reiko to her jobs, where she peeks into the fridges of her customers, often helping to make their lives better by using the information she learns.

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