Runway no Koibito

Runway no Koibito

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ランウェイの恋人 台恋人 RUNWAY เส้นทางฝันของซุป'ตาร์ , Runway Lover , Runway Sweetheart

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Drama , Romance , Shoujo , Slice of Life

Author: TANAKA Wataru

Artist: SHIBANO Yuka

Created On: 2011

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:2115

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The N°1 dream of every woman in the whole country, Charisma's model Shinsato Yui. Yanada Aki was scouted as a future model in the rural Do. Aki admires Yui, the cool Yui... Even if they're about totally opposites, the two become close friends. However, Yui very quickly seems to be part of Aki's work, love and a threat?!

Contains the one-shot "Dear M Star" in the first volume.

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