Salad Bo

Salad Bo

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Salad Bowl Diary

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Twenty year old Ibuki Yamato is a man who failed his college exam twice, making him now a 2-year ronin. Even though he is on his way to go live at a dormitory owned by his childhood friend’s family, misfortune comes to him during his trip through Tokyo. On the train, he accidentally falls into the bosom of a female cosplayer. At a bookstore, the store clerk innocently tells him not to loiter, where her persistence causes him to rip the store-owned book he was reading. As he rushes to get money to pay for the book, he bumps into a delivery girl, which causes him to pay even more money, before he’s called a criminal. Though he is fortunate enough to help two ladies take back their belongings, which were stolen by a purse-napper, Yamato is dead tired when he reaches the dormitory.

But his troubles are not at all over, when he finds out that the female cosplayer, the store clerk girl, the delivery girl and the two other ladies from before are all residents of this dormitory as well. Adding to this fact, all of these girls are foreigners who have come to study abroad. Will Yamato find peace under a roof with five other girls of different backgrounds?

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