Shin Kosume no Mahou - 新コスメの魔法

Shin Kosume no Mahou - 新コスメの魔法

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Alternative Names:

新コスメの魔法 , 新彩妆美人

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Drama , Josei , Romance

Author: AIKAWA Momoko

Artist: AIKAWA Momoko

Created On: 2005

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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This is the story of the Ma Belle cosmetics counter! Takagi Reiko is the most experienced worker, and she wants to use her skills with makeup to help all of the women in the world to become beautiful. Matsura Anzu is still in her first year of work, but she's dedicated to becoming a great cosmetics expert, just like Reiko. Then there is the clueless male worker, Hiroka Yukihiro, who chose to work at the Ma Belle counter due to his crush on Reiko. They also have competition in the form of their neighboring counter, Julia Beauty, run by a flashy guy who goes by the name "Julian Okuda."

As Reiko, Anzu, and Yukihiro teach their customers about cosmetics and beauty, they also become embroiled in the complicated dramas of their lives. The series starts with two best friends, cosmetically lovely Ayaka and plain but kind-hearted Minori. Their relationship shatters when Minori's fiance leaves her for Ayaka. Now Ayaka wants the Ma Belle counter to do her wedding make-up, while Minori begins taking cosmetics lessons at the same counter in order to become more beautiful than her former friend. How will the girls of Ma Belle be able to handle this mess, and will they be able to help both girls move forward with their lives?

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