Shura no Mon Iden: Fudekage

Shura no Mon Iden: Fudekage

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修羅の門異伝 ふでかげ , Fudekage , Shura no Mon Iden Fudekage , Syura no Mon-Iden Hudekage

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Shounen , Sports

Author: KAWAHARA Masatoshi

Artist: TOBINAGA Hiroyuki

Created On: 2010

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Ignacio DaSilva is a world famous Brazilian karate expert turned soccer player who has been making headlines. His giant body and unusual speed has made him the number one player in the world by far. During his post game interview, he stated that there was someone with more talent than him and that he was coming back from Brazil any time soon. This left the media in a frenzy to find who this player was that was better than the great Ignacio.

Kensho is the son of a karate master who grew up with his next door neighbor, Satsuka, who was the daughter of a soccer coach. As fate may have it, Kensho became a great soccer player and moved to Brazil for 3 years while Satsuka stayed in Japan and became the scholastic champion in her division. Kensho comes back to Japan and attends the same high school as Satsuka. Little does the world know about the tornado that was about to hit the soccer community with the return of Kensho.

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# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Shura-no-Mon-Iden-Fudekage Chapter 第VOLUME_007話 VOLUME 007 3 years ago
2Shura-no-Mon-Iden-Fudekage Chapter 第VOLUME_005話 VOLUME 005 2 years ago
3Shura-no-Mon-Iden-Fudekage Chapter 第VOLUME_001話 VOLUME 001 2 years ago
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