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# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Skip Beat Chapter 217 - Chinese2 months ago
2Skip Beat Chapter 216 - Chinese3 months ago
3Skip Beat Chapter 211 - chinese3 months ago
4Skip Beat Chapter 210 - Raw3 months ago
5Skip Beat Chapter 208 - Raw3 months ago
6Skip Beat Chapter 207 - raw3 months ago
7Skip Beat Chapter 206 - Raw3 months ago
8Skip Beat Chapter 205 - Raw3 months ago
9Skip Beat Chapter 204 - raw3 months ago
10Skip Beat Chapter 202 - Raw3 months ago
11Skip Beat Chapter 201 - raw3 months ago
12Skip Beat Chapter 200 - raw3 months ago
13Skip Beat Chapter 199 - raw4 months ago
14Skip Beat Chapter 198 - raw4 months ago
15Skip Beat Chapter 197 - Raw4 months ago
16Skip Beat Chapter 196 - chinese raw4 months ago
17Skip Beat Chapter 194 - chinese raw4 months ago
18Skip Beat Chapter 193 - Japanese Raw4 months ago
19Skip Beat Chapter 192 - chinese raw4 months ago
20Skip Beat Chapter 188 - chinese raw4 months ago
21Skip Beat Chapter 187 - chinese raw4 months ago
22Skip Beat Chapter 1664 months ago
23Skip Beat Chapter 1654 months ago

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Skip Beat

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