Soko o Nantoka - Please do Something

Soko o Nantoka - Please do Something

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Please Do Something , そこをなんとか , 法庭新鲜人 , ทนายสาวมือใหม่ , 어떻게 좀 안 될까요 , Soko wo Nantoka

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Shoujo , Drama ,

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Type: Manga

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Rakuko Kaise (Yuika Motokariya) grew up in a poor family and decided to become a lawyer to make money. She supported herself through law school by working in a bar. After finally passing her bar exam, Rakuko Kaise lands a job with a small law office. She then grows into a real lawyer through working on cases which can't make her much money.

Please Do Something J-Dorama Aired on Channel NHK

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