Sometimes Mellow

Sometimes Mellow

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Alternative Names:

柔らかい女 , Sometimes mellow , Yawarakai Onna , Tender Woman

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Comedy , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Seinen , Slice of Life

Author: TOMI Akihito

Artist: TOMI Akihito

Created On: 2006

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

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1. Box Seat
About the silent exchange between a man and a woman on the train.

2. Kanojo to Kare (Boy and Girl) (3 parts)
A seductive beauty gets entranced by the strait-laced school boy who helped her out.

3. Thank You
A man in black perfoms his incredible choreography on the train.

4. Motto Motto...! (More...and More!)
About the encounter between an art student and his muse.

5. Hana Seigaku Kan no Hi (Heavenly Home Ec)
Visit the most popular maid café in town and meet lots of beautiful girls and one unusual maid.

6. Aoi Udedokei (The Blue Wristwatch)
What is a man to do when he gets hold of a wristwatch that is said to enable its first-time user to rewind the past ten minutes?

7. Hana Chibo (Five-Fingered Flower)
An extraordinary case of pickpocketing disrupts a town's peaceful everyday life.

8. Haruhiko Kikou (Haruhiko the Eccentric)
In a rural village, pair of siblings decide to accomodate a travelling mystigician.

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Sometimes-Mellow Chapter 第10話 10 - Haruhiko the Eccentric 3 years ago
2Sometimes-Mellow Chapter 第09話 09 - More...and More! 3 years ago
3Sometimes-Mellow Chapter 第08話 08 - Heavenly Home Ec 3 years ago
4Sometimes-Mellow Chapter 第07話 07 - Five-Fingered Flower 3 years ago
5Sometimes-Mellow Chapter 第06話 06 - The Blue Wristwatch 3 years ago
6Sometimes-Mellow Chapter 第05話 05 - Boy and Girl Chapter 3 3 years ago
7Sometimes-Mellow Chapter 第04話 04 - Boy and Girl Chapter 2 3 years ago
8Sometimes-Mellow Chapter 第03話 03 - Boy and Girl Chapter 1 3 years ago
9Sometimes-Mellow Chapter 第02話 02 - Thank You 3 years ago
10Sometimes-Mellow Chapter 第01話 01 - Box Seat 3 years ago
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