Machi de Uwasa no Tengu no Ko

Machi de Uwasa no Tengu no Ko

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天狗的女儿 Đứa con của Tengu 町でうわさの天狗の子 Spiritual Princess , Spiritual Princess รักมหัศจรรย์ ตํานานเท็งงู (Thai) Te wo Totte, Sonomama de , The Tengu's Daughter

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Drama , Fantasy , Josei , Romance , School Life , Supernatural

Author: IWAMOTO Nao

Artist: IWAMOTO Nao

Created On: 2007

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:3094

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Akihime is a seemingly normal girl attending junior high school, but she is actually the daughter of Ryokuhouzan's tengu. She lives with her mother in the human world, living a normal human life. However, her childhood friend Shun is constantly trying to convince her to go to the mountains with him, so that they can become tengus together. Despite his continuous urgings, Akihime refuses because she has feelings for her classmate, Takeru-kun.

Machi de Uwasa no Tengu no Ko won the 2009 Shogakukan Manga Award for best shoujo.

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