Teizokurei Monophobia

Teizokurei Monophobia

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Alternative Names:

低俗霊MONOPHOBIA, Ghost Talker's Monophobia, Ghost Talkers Monophobia, Vulgar Ghost Monophobia, Vulgar Spirit Monophobia

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Ecchi, Gender Bender, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, School Life, Seinen, Supernatural

Author: TOKIYA Seigo

Artist: Tokiya Seigo

Created On: 2009

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Total Views:10374

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Houdzuki Maika is a high school girl who, in a sense, is never alone. Her twin brother Maito, who could not survive birth, lives inside of her and shares her body. They switch between who gets to live each day and they share most of their memories. However, the only times they get to see and talk to each other is when they are both asleep, where they share the same dream. Perhaps as a result of this supernatural existence, they have the ability to see ghosts. These twins will surely face many mysterious events ahead!

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Teizokurei-Monophobia Chapter 第VOLUME_005話 VOLUME 005 3 years ago
2Teizokurei-Monophobia Chapter 第VOLUME_004話 VOLUME 004 3 years ago
3Teizokurei-Monophobia Chapter 第VOLUME_003話 VOLUME 003 3 years ago
4Teizokurei-Monophobia Chapter 第VOLUME_002話 VOLUME 002 3 years ago
5Teizokurei-Monophobia Chapter 第VOLUME_001話 VOLUME 001 3 years ago
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