Toukyou Tarareba Musume

Toukyou Tarareba Musume

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Alternative Names:

东京白日梦女 東京タラレバ娘 , Tokyo "What If" Woman , Tokyo Tarareba Musume

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Comedy , Drama , Josei , Romance , Slice of Life



Created On: 2014

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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"I always just worried about what could have been, and I'm already this age!" That isn't how it's supposed to go, but somehow I'm already thiry-ish! That's how it is for Rinko. It's six years until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and she's been thinking about marriage, but...

Career Woman Career-Oriented Protagonist Friendship Japan Musician/s Older Female Younger Male Rude Male Lead Screenwriter Strong Female Lead Unique Female Lead

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Tokyo-Tarareba-Musume Chapter 第11.5話 11.5 - OMAKE 2 years ago
2Tokyo-Tarareba-Musume Chapter 第11.1話 11.1 - Bar 01 02 03 2 years ago
3Tokyo-Tarareba-Musume Chapter 第11話 11 - RAW 2 years ago
4Tokyo-Tarareba-Musume Chapter 第10話 10 - RAW 2 years ago
5Tokyo-Tarareba-Musume Chapter 第09話 09 - RAW 2 years ago
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