Too Much Pain

Too Much Pain

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Too Much Pain ,

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Adult , Ecchi , Seinen

Author: HARADA Masafumi

Artist: HARADA Masafumi

Created On: 2014

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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Okamoto is an ordinary teenager working at a home for the aged. On a certain night, he chanced upon an AV idol named Mizutani Chiemi on an adult video site. Upon gazing at the voluptuous panting girl on the screen, he's been hornier than he has never been before! Mizutani Chiemi, as Okamoto realized, is that the girl was actually his first love back from high school, Takahashi Megumi. 

Trying to bounce back from the heartbreak he felt after knowing what happened to his first love, Okamoto was invited to a mixer by a friend. There he met Mari. Okamoto protected her from a group of Mari's old "friends" after she bolted out of the mixer. It was then that the girl felt more interested in him. Meanwhile, Takahashi became employed in the home for the aged where Okamoto works! A love story about pasts that want to be forgotten and pasts that can't be forgotten starts now!

Her name was Megumi Takahashi, and she was his first love. Okamoto's daily routine was to leave his house early so he would be able to see Megumi walk to school, never daring to speak to her. He only had one chance to talk to her, and then she disappeared from his hometown a half-year later.

Four years have passed since she moved away. Okamoto was looking through his daily porn stash when he finds out the porn he's watching starred Megumi under the name Chiemi Mizutani. Furthermore, Megumi ends up working at the same company that Okamoto currently works. Okamoto's love life is going to face some exciting times, for better or for worse.

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