Tsukushi Biyori

Tsukushi Biyori

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つくし日和, 女仆杉菜拨云见日的生活, Tsukushi Biyori

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Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Shounen

Author: Ueda Yui

Artist: Ueda Yui

Created On: 2013

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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The age of the maid robot has begun! Now, each family has at least one maid robot in their household, and Souta's family is no exception. Souta grew up with his maid robot since he was a young boy. He has learned that there are people out there that have fallen in love with their maid robot, but he is determined to not be one of those people.

His maid robot, Tsukushi, will do whatever it takes to make her master happy!

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Tsukushi-Hiyori Chapter 第05話 05 - raw 3 years ago
2Tsukushi-Hiyori Chapter 第04話 04 - raw 3 years ago
3Tsukushi-Hiyori Chapter 第03話 03 - raw 3 years ago
4Tsukushi-Hiyori Chapter 第02話 02 - raw 3 years ago
5Tsukushi-Hiyori Chapter 第01話 01 - raw 3 years ago
6Tsukushi-Hiyori Chapter 第00話 00 - raw 3 years ago
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