Tsuyokute New Saga

Tsuyokute New Saga

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After a fierce battle, Magic swordsman Kyle/Kail finally killed the Demon Lord after being seriously injured in the battle. Kyle/Kail on the verge of death approaches a relic which was in possession of the Demon Lord and it sends him to the past. After recovering from the initial shock, he decides to use this opportunity to avoid making the same mistakes of the past and become stronger.

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Tsuyokute-New-Saga Chapter 第07話 07 - raw 3 years ago
2Tsuyokute-New-Saga Chapter 第06話 06 - raw 3 years ago
3Tsuyokute-New-Saga Chapter 第05話 05 - raw 3 years ago
4Tsuyokute-New-Saga Chapter 第04話 04 - raw 3 years ago
5Tsuyokute-New-Saga Chapter 第03話 03 - raw 3 years ago
6Tsuyokute-New-Saga Chapter 第02話 02 - raw 3 years ago
7Tsuyokute-New-Saga Chapter 第01話 01 - raw 3 years ago
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