Uchuu Kyoudai

Date Created:2008
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Alternate Names:
宇宙兄弟; Space Brothers; Uchū Kyōdai; Uchu Kyodai; أخوة فضاء (Arabic)
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Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi, Seinen, Slice Of Life
One night in 2006, when they were young, the two brothers Mutta (born 1993) and Hibito (born 1996) saw what appeared to be a UFO heading for the moon. They decided that night to both become astronauts and travel out into space.

In 2025, Hibito has become an astronaut, and he's going to go to the moon. Mutta ended up following a more traditional career path with an auto development company. However, Mutta just ruined his career through a violent altercation with his boss. Now, not only has he lost his job, he appears to be blacklisted in the entire industry. Maybe this is a rare opportunity for Mutta to once again chase his childhood dream and become an astronaut like his little brother!

Nominated for the 2nd and 3rd Manga Taisho Award and won the 56th Shogakukan Manga Award and 35th Kodansha Manga Award in the General Category.

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Chapter List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 207 - raw2 weeks ago
2Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 205 - raw2 weeks ago
3Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 204 - raw2 weeks ago
4Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 203 - raw2 weeks ago
5Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 202 - raw2 weeks ago
6Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 201 - raw2 weeks ago
7Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 196 - raw2 weeks ago
8Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 195 - raw2 weeks ago
9Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 194 - raw2 weeks ago
10Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 193 - raw2 weeks ago
11Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 192 - raw2 weeks ago
12Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 191 - raw2 weeks ago
13Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 190 - raw2 weeks ago
14Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 189 - raw2 weeks ago
15Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 188 - raw2 weeks ago

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