World Embryo

World Embryo

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ワールドエンブリオ, 救世之茧, 월드엠브리오, World Embryo - 救世之繭, World Embryo - เวิลด์เอมบริโอ, Sinapupunan ng Mundo

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Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural, Tragedy

Author: Moriyama Daisuke

Artist: Moriyama Daisuke

Created On: 2005

Status: Complete

Type: Manga

Total Views:27149

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A deadly virus is spreading across mankind, turning humans into gruesome monsters known as ‘Kanshu'. Yet no one knows of their existence, except for the organization called ‘F.L.A.G.', dedicated to hunting down and destroying the source of the infection. Its members possess extraordinary powers, capable of unleashing righteous fury on their enemies.

One day, a cell phone message from a dead relative leads estranged youth Riku Amami unwittingly into the conflict between F.L.A.G. and Kanshu - and to a mysterious cocoon that would change his life forever, for better or worse…

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Chapters List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1World Embryo Chapter 第97話 97 - Epilogue ( Final Series End ) 3 years ago
2World Embryo Chapter 第95話 95 - raw 3 years ago
3World Embryo Chapter 第93話 93 - Penetrator 3 years ago
4World Embryo Chapter 第92話 92 - raw 3 years ago
5World Embryo Chapter 第91話 91 - raw 3 years ago
6World Embryo Chapter 第90話 90 - Linkage 3 years ago
7World Embryo Chapter 第89話 89 - Reborn 3 years ago
8World Embryo Chapter 第88話 88 - raw 3 years ago
9World Embryo Chapter 第87話 87 - Chinese 3 years ago
10World Embryo Chapter 第86話 86 - Raw 3 years ago
11World Embryo Chapter 第85話 85 - raw 3 years ago
12World Embryo Chapter 第84話 84 - raw 3 years ago
13World Embryo Chapter 第83話 83 - Raw 3 years ago
14World Embryo Chapter 第82話 82 - Raw 3 years ago
15World Embryo Chapter 第81話 81 - Raw 3 years ago
16World Embryo Chapter 第80話 80 - RAW 3 years ago
17World Embryo Chapter 第79話 79 - RAW 3 years ago
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