Yuki ni Tsubasa - Esper Meets Girl @ Northern Small Town

Yuki ni Tsubasa - Esper Meets Girl @ Northern  Small Town

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Esper Meets Girls @ Northern Small Town

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Romance , Seinen

Author: TAKAHASHI Shin

Artist: TAKAHASHI Shin

Created On: 2011

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

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This is a story of how an esper meets a girl in a small northern town. Tsubasa lives in a dying hot springs town, and he's a mostly friendless middle school delinquent. He actually has super powers, though he thinks of them more like embarrassing and useless powers. Sure, he can use his telekinetic abilities to brush his teeth while getting dressed, or read a book while drinking tea, but for the most part, it's easier just to do stuff with his hands.
One day, though, he hears the thoughts of a mute girl, Yuki, who is targeted for rape by other delinquents, due to her silence. He comes to her aid, and finds that to his surprise, he's able to manipulate her body to beat up her attackers! Unsurprisingly, she draws the conclusion that she is the one with super powers. Since Tsubasa's the only one who "knows her secret," their story together is just beginning!
Tsubasa lives in a hotspring town that is about to fade away from a bad economy. He is a middle school delinquent, and is beat up at school almost every day. He has a secret, though: he is a psychic, but he is embarrassed of this fact because his abilities are "lame" and not worth bragging about. One day, however, he realizes that he can read the mind of a mute girl named Yuki.

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1Yuki-Ni-Tsubasa Chapter 第134話 134 - Raw 3 years ago
2Yuki-Ni-Tsubasa Chapter 第133話 133 - Raw 3 years ago
3Yuki-Ni-Tsubasa Chapter 第132話 132 - Raw 3 years ago
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